Do you want to know how to make the best kratom tea, kratom? Do you want some easy recipes to get the benefits? Kratom tea has a number of benefits. You can drink this tea to increase your energy and to boost your mental focus. It is easy to prepare. You just need power or leaves, a pot, weight scale, cup, some water, strainer, and a stove to prepare your tea. If you are looking for some help, you can go through the following article to know about the preparations, recipes, and storage. I am sure you would love to enjoy the Kratom tea after going through the benefits.

What is Kratom Tea?

This is a type of herbal remedy that has energizing, invigorating, and stimulating effects on the human mind and body. When kratom is prepared with hot water, the alkaloids get infused into the water and that creates physiological effects.

What are the Benefits?

The way of consumption will decide the benefits. If you drink kratom tea, the side effects will be less in comparison to the powder. Powders can cause nasty wobbly side effects. Therefore, it is also suggested to drink Kratom tea to minimize the side effects.

How Long it will Take to Show the Effects?

It will take around twenty to thirty minutes to show the effect. It is great and more beneficial to drink the Kratom tea as you will drink it slowly. Once you notice any side effect during the consumption, you can simply stop there. However, the stimulating and relaxing effects will last for two to three hours. It might last longer depending on the strains.

What are the Key Benefits of the Kratom Tea?

The key benefit is that it helps to release endorphins in your brain. As the result, it activates the opiate receptors that create a sense of happiness. Some other benefits are the followings.

• Increased energy

• Reduced pain

• Minimizes abdominal cramps and bloating

• Enhanced focus

• Elevated mood

• Makes skin complexion better

• Increased blood flow

Kratom Tea Recipes

There are many ways of brewing. When some are simpler ones, others are a bit complex. Before preparing your tea, you will need some preparations. You will need kratom tea powder or leaves, weight scale, water, strainer saucepan, flavor enhancer, and a heat source for preparation.

Standard and Maximum Benefit Process

This best method helps to prepare your Kratom tea even for the next day. For eight doses, you will need 2 oz of dried and ground leaves and one-liter water.

• Get the liquid to the simmer for about fifteen minutes

• Use a strainer to get the liquids into a container

• Squeeze the kratom leaves to extract the absorbed water

• Get the leaves again in the saucepan and add one liter of water

• Follow the same process and mix both the batches

• Throw the leaves

• Simmer together to reduce the quantity

• Get the concentration depending on your requirement

Easiest Method

• Take a half cup of water and squeeze half of a lemon

• Get the water into simmer and add Kratom powder

• Leave it for fifteen minutes

• Strain the water

You can reserve the powder or leaves for future use or you can throw away. However, if you use it for the second time, you will not get the same effect.

Dosage Information

You should always measure with a scale to get an accurate dose. The volume will not offer the exact dose as one tsp of ground Kratom will not weigh same as one tsp of crushed leaves. Everyone is different so their body type and unique requirements. Therefore, it is important to listen to your body before considering the doses given below.

Doses for Finely Ground Powder

• 1-3 grams for mild effect

• 5 gram is the standard dose

• 10 gram is the strong dose

• 11 and above is the extreme dose

How to Measure the Dose

One tsp of

• Finely ground = 2g

• Coarsely ground = 0.8g

• Very finely ground = 2.25g

Storing & Heating

If you are looking for the best effects, you should consume it soon after the preparation. You can also store it for future consumption. In that condition, you need to follow the below steps to retain the effect.

• Cool the tea and pour it into a sealed glass container

• Keep the container inside your fridge to use the preparation for another five days

• Stir the tea whenever you want to drink. It is suggested to heat before drinking to maximize the benefits


Is it Possible to Get Kratom Tea in My Favorite Destination Canada?

Yes, but you will not get pre-made tea bags. You can prepare your tea for “scientific purposes”. You can buy Kratom online or from shops.

What is the Best Time to Drink Kratom Tea?

You will feel drowsy if you drink it closer to the evening. At night, it will be amplified more.

Can I Drink in Empty Stomach?

That will depend on your body type. When some experience mild irritability while drinking in an empty stomach, others do not experience any side effect.

Which Powder is Ideal?

That will depend on the effect that you are looking for. You can go with red-veined Bali. It will offer the most powerful and relaxing effect. If you want a more stimulating effect, you can consider Maeng Da variety and white vein kratom.

What is the Flavor?

You might not like the flavour. It is extremely bitter and hard to drink. You can add some flavours like lemon, powdered chocolate, raw sugar, honey, and cinnamon.

Does the Temperature Affect the Stability?

No, but still, we will recommend simmer as it will protect the alkaloids.

Is There Any Way to Make the Effects to Last Longer?

You can use a powerful strain, combine two strains, and you can also drink in your empty stomach to make the effects to last longer.


Now you know the preparation, dosage, and storage. You can follow these procedures to have a lasting effect and to minimize the possibility of side effects. Yes, you can also drink it in Canada. You just need to prepare your own tea following the above-mentioned methods.