What is Kratom

While it is easy to mistake this for a chemical composition or dark matter. It is important to do in-depth research about what it is and what it does.

Kratom is part of the coffee family and was originally cultivated in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Papua Guinea. A lot of people believe that Kratom has the ability to relieve pain while some others see it as a narcotic. Some others feel it is a drug that has the ability to give the ingester a high and is also very addictive. With its various side effects some people stay off it without getting adequate information about it and for no particular reason ,Kratom is not commonly spoken about.

The botanical name for this plant is called Mitragyna speciosa and is not a seasonal tree. Kratom has been used in the countries where it is gotten to treat some illnesses. Despite its growth expansion to other counties over the years. It has been discovered that the ones grown in Malaysia and Thailand are the most unique and dostinctive breeds. With time, research on this plant was spread to Japan where its composition was discovered. It was the presence of mitragynine, alkaloid and 7 hydroxymitragymine that made it one of the best pain relieving treatments.

The tree is evergreen through the year but December to march is considered its most productive season. Its grows quite fast and very tall, when the leaves are harvested, it becomes highly perishable which makes it important to either wait till time for use before harvesting or trying and packaging immediately after

Some of its active ingredients include mitragynine, epicatechin and hydroximitragynine.

This drug is banned in most countries so Its consumption is illegal, this article is majorly informative and is not in anyway endorsing the use of Kratom

Kratom forms

Over time, Kratom forms have evolved from just the dried leaves to roots, powdered form and extracts.

Roots: a lot of people believe that Kratom root has no specific benefit but with time, the stem and the veins. While they have been discovered not to pack as much punch as the leaves, some of these nutrients can still be found in the stems and veins which includes stimulating the immune system, regulating tolerance levels, helping a persons overall health, so most people combine it with some more active ingredients to suit their ingenetion purposes

Kratom Powder: this form of the product is very bitter which is why most people prefer adding it to their meals or drinks. Kratom Powder is usually sold as either the crushed and powdered green leaves or in capsules. Some people believe that taking Kratom with citrus drinks activates the effect of the medicine. Some people also ingest the powder by putting a measured quantity under the tongue and washing down the throat with a desired liquid. The capsule method is one of the most common ways of ingesting the plant because It would have been premeasured into the capsule and that way, it is easy to control the dosage being taken

Uses of Powdered Kratom

•It is used as a natural pain reliever

•It Is believed to be able to improve the body immune system and ward of illnesses

•It is believed to increase strength although some people believe that users may become dependent on the energy it provides and might need an active process to reduce or stop addiction

Some of its known side effects includes addiction, nausea, drowsiness and stomach upset.

Kratom extracts

This is believed to be one of it’s most potent forms and people usually recommend consulting an expert before use. So far, there are different brands and potency of the Kratom extract, which is why its advised that adequate research be done on the actual product you wish to buy.

It also works very fast on an empty stomach so it is important to take it with meals or stay home the first time you’re ingesting. The extract can be mixed with drinks or during food preparation and will make the drink or food bitter if put in excess quantity.

Most people prefer taking Kratom extract as opposed to its other forms because of its potency levels. With a very little quantity of the extract ,you get quick and effective results

Best form of Kratom

There is no best form for this plant, before deciding on what choice to make when it comes to its forms, you should ask your self what it is too be used for.

When it comes to medicinal uses, it is preferable to use the capsules or the powdered form while for casual uses most people use the powder or dried leaves.

Using Kratom for opiate withdrawals

Opiate withdrawal can be quite tricky, Kratom has been discovered to help with addictions and its attendant symptoms such as sweating, muscle ache, weakness and lethargy. While ingesting Kratom for opiate withdrawals, it is important to do it such that you don’t get addicted to Kratom in the process

You begin to ingest Kratom in minute quantities while gradually increasing daily or weekly depending on doctors advice till you are totally weaned off the opiate, then you can gradually reduce the Kratom intake till you don’t need it anymore. Kratom can be injested in all its forms to induce opiate withdrawals. It simply depends on the potency of the form or the recommended dosage by a physician

Kratom Addictions

Kratom is addictive especially considering the fact that it is also sometimes referred to as the family of coffee which contains caffeine and is addictive it us important to consider quantities when taking Kratom

Things to consider when injesting Kratom

Don’t take too often

Don’t take in large quantities

Switch up strains

Kratom isnt as strong as opium so a typical kratom withdrawal takes about a week and some of its symptoms include nausea, headache, vomitting, dizziness, tiredness.

It is also very dangerous combining Kratom with other drugs so it is advisable that you consult with a physician before doing this

The FDA and the DEA believe that this drug is highly addictive and over time has led to so many deaths which is why its intake was banned. Some other times, they have claimed that the drug was harmless so when it comes to the drug there are some really mixed review. Which makes it important to consult with a doctor before ingesting