Irrespective of their differences, both kava and kratom are taken in by mixing their powder form with water. These entheogens cause relaxing effects after consumption. However, Kava, extracted from Piper Methysticum plant, is not addictive and has been used for centuries in western Pacific. Whereas kratom, an extraction from Mitragyna Speciosa plant, is an opioid derived addictive drug and hasn’t been used for such a long time. In this article, more will be discussed about these substances and their use.

About Kava:

From a family of pepper, kava originates from Fiji, Hawaii, Vanuatu, Macaronesia and Papua New Guinea, generally western Pacific.

It was mostly used during important religious ceremonies and rituals. After its goodness was realized, people nowadays consume kava to relax and rest after an exhausting moment or day.

Farmers of these plant harvest the root and separate the exceptional quality, which is the noble kava from the poor quality termed as
ignoble kava.

For exports, only noble kava is considered legal.

About Kratom:

Kratom, a member of the coffee family, is a plant originally from Southeast Asia, {Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo and others}. It was mostly used
traditionally as a pain reliever, mood enhancer and helped to prevent exhaustion.

With heroin mimicking effects, Drug Enforcement Agency has been trying to ban the use of Kratom, it being legal in some nations.

The difference in Chemical composition.
With more than 40 chemical compounds in its leaves, kratom plants compounds are deemed to have a 10 time stronger effect compared to
morphine. The more the compounds present, the more the effects on the individual consumer.

Whereas, Kava, has chemical compounds called kavalactones, the more the kavalactones concentration, the more the effects caused by the
product. Compared to kratom, kava effects are much positive.

Biological Effects

Its effects on the human brain, Kava mainly detours the GABA receptors. Makes one feel happy by attaching to dopamine receptors in the brain.
Also, kavalactones in kava led to a sedative type of feeling to the person consuming it, unlike kratom which leads to loss of mental clarity.

On the other hand, Kratom attacks opioids receptors and utilizes norepinephrine and serotonin in the brain leading to a happy effect.
More so, with morphine-like effects, kratom alkaloids block pain receptors in the brain making the mind unclear.

Side Effects comparison.

The root of happiness plant/ Kratom leaves.

With effects lasting from an hour to ninety minutes, Kratom acts as a sedative and a stimulant. Sleeplessness, hallucinations, constipation,
nausea and tremors are some of the effects associated with its consumption. Once induced, you lack the ability to come up with straight thoughts, leads to slow and slurred speech, you feel sedated as well. It is also associated with a craving for more once it wears off.

Like opiate, Kratoms characteristics can lead to its dependency. Once you stop using the drug, it’s associated with uncomfortable
withdrawal symptoms.
On the other hand, the consumption of kava leads to mental and physical relaxation. Your energy is uplifted and boosts your mood towards
others. Effects can last up to several hours.

Unlike kratoms, kava has no dependency traits. Meaning, once you decide to withdraw from it, no uncomfortable symptoms or experience are associated.

The difference in Preparation and Use

Extracted from leaves of an evergreen tree located in regions like Malaysia, Borneo and Thailand, Fresh Kratom leaves are chewed by users.
However, these leaves can be dried and crushed forming a powder form which can be mixed with liquids and induced by drinking.
Sourced from plants roots species in regions like Fiji, New Guinea and Hawaii, kava roots are grown into powder form which is then mixed
with any liquid. The mixture can then consumed.

Consuming kava makes you feel calm gives you a general good outlook on life, these being one of the main reason why many Pacific Island
natives up to this day still consume it daily after a day full of stress.

Benefits of Kava vs Kratom:

Kava acts as a stress reliever and plays a major role in reducing anxiety episodes
Consumers have also praised the product for muscle tension and pain reliever.
On the other hand, those emotional unstable can relax after kava consumption.
Recreational use of kava in bars has been seen, where consumers argue that the product reduces social inhibits, thereby inducing a
euphoria feeling and relaxation.

Difference in Dangers

Noble kava purchase being legal, dangers associated with it are termed as minimal. But, mixing this drug with prescribed medicines can
cause complication. Generally, it’s a safe drug giving you a happy feeling and an overall relaxation.

Kratom isn’t harmful when taken in low doses. Medium to high dosage, on the other hand, poses dangerous symptoms. Leads to a high
dependency and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.
Recently being banned in its source region Thailand, Kratom has posed dangerous traits leading to its ban in many nations.

Sources of kratom and kava are mostly found on the internet.

There are suppliers who distribute kratom and kava in stores, kava bars, and online. However trustworthy suppliers recommend a purchase
of only kava.
Kratom Availability

Kratom, banned and restricted on some online stores like Amazon, is sold exclusively online, bars, headshops and gas station. Though some stores online sell it at quick google search away.

In order to get around some laws, some suppliers often describe kratom as not for human consumption.
Kava Availability

Kava, on the other hand, is sold in various supermarkets and food stores. High-quality kava products can be found online or in bars globally


Comparing the two products, personally, I would go for the one posing positive effects. Kava with its euphoria high, sleep enhancers and its traits to reduce anxiety is favourite for most. If responsively taken, that is, if not mixed with any nasty drug or alcohol, is better health wise and advisable.

Kratom, on the other hand, has effects favourable to others. Complications arise due to its addictive potential. It is advisable to stay away from kratom if it’s not for pain reliever in crucial circumstances.