Kratom is a herb native to the south-east Asia and parts Africa. Biologically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, it’s closely related the Isopteropodine e to the coffee tree. It has dark green leaf and grows as high as 30 feet. These features make it easy to spot it. People use kratom on the ceremonial occasion and as medicine. Kratom contains the alkaloids that cause a psychological effect when consumed. It’s that prompts us to discuss if using kratom for opiate withdrawals to reduce symptoms.

Strains of kratom that naturally occur

There are different strains of kratom and each causes distinct effects when you use it. A few strains include:

Bali – This is the most commercialized and widely used strain

Maeng da Kratom –This is used by those with who want to use it as a stimulator.

White vein into, and white Vein Thai

Kratom for opiate withdrawal

Kratom can bring you diverse benefits including enabling the body in easing withdrawal symptoms. The symptom includes carving for opiates, pain in the body and muscles, ever & seating, restlessness, lethargy and low energy. Many people who used for the withdraw symptoms say it worked well and reduces the urge contuse opines and the uneasiness that comes along with it.

How do opiates work?

Opiates are harmful – They result in malfunction of the blood vessels resulting from slowing of digestive system slow breathing, hepatitis, and continue, which leads to dependence. Once you develop a dependence on opiates, your body will not work without them. Withdrawal of the opiates leads to exhibition withdrawal symptoms. But they are not that serious.

Kratom though being addictive, the issue of how it will help ease opiate withdrawal symptoms. It’s a ticklish question.

It is important to note that he easing opiate withdrawal symptoms is not a sudden process it is a gradual process. You need to have patience. A few opiates like methadone can damage the nervous system. The process is slow and continuous.

A few users of methadone using kratom to ease opiate withdrawal symptoms have shown successive periods of time.

It is important to reduce the quaint methadone that is daily used and at the same time raise the amount of kratom. After this, the amount of kratom is reduced gradually until one is cured of.

Kratom capsules and opioids

To reduce opiate withdrawal symptoms, kratom capsules could be used. Now the question when you experience withdrawal symptoms how many of capsules of kratom are lead to high withdrawal symptoms. This will depend on the amount of kratom in the capsule.

Here is a simple guide on dosage:

First day: six to eight capsules split into through the day,

2nd day: five t six capsules throughout the day with intervals

3rd day three t four capsules throughout the day with intervals

4th day two to three capsules

5th day one capsule in the morning and one at bedtime

6th day two capsules

Note that the symptoms caused by kratom are akin to those of opioid drugs. Lower does o tree to four grams will have an effect on mu opioid receptors. This makes it a stimulant. However, higher does more than eight grams I will have sedatives effect like other opiates.

Kratom powder for withdrawal symptoms

People who don’t like the capsule form wish to mix them with foods or beverages. Take nine grams kratom first the day, over two to four times. Thus, nine grams are prescribed every day.

First determinate quantity in tablespoon and teaspoon – it should be around nine grams in the first three days. If it is not possible to measure accurately, you can take full teaspoonful which has the right capacity 4.5 grams which are half the spoon.

After the three days, consume five to seven grams over to three times.

On the fifth day, lower the dosage to three to five grams.

On the sixth day take only two grans.

On the seventh day, don’t consume kratom at all.

While measuring the dose, use electronic scales because one strain does contains several strains.

Kratom extracts

These include water-based extract, kratom resin extracts, enhanced lead and kratom tincture.

Water-based extracts are costlier and cause potent dependency when you keep consuming higher does.

Kratom resin extracts are easy to store, easy to use and will create the desired side effects. Protect them from heat as they may melt. They create a better range of effects than water-based extracts do.

Kratom tinctures are alcoholic extracts of the substance. Their effectiveness depends on the alcohol proof sued to extra hem, They are expensive extras and result in high-degree of dependence.

Enhanced leaf extracts made from other extract is highly potent in chasing addition and using for long dependency.


Dosage for each form of kratom has been specified taking into account these points:

Kratom is more effective when taken in small doses.

Avoid taking kratom in high does regularly. This will make the medicinal benefit less effective.

Dosage deepens on the strain – for example, Bali causes more side effects and at low doses, whereas that will stimulate highly.

Kratom will work effectively when taken empty stomach

Methods of preparing kratom

Kratom quid – Fresh leaves are collected and bundle chewed and the leaves in the mouth hold the kratom content.

Tossing and washing – Disclose the dried the dose in water and take the solution and hold it in your mouth for few moments. Swallow and wash with water.

Kratom tea is akin to regular tea with kratom in place of tea.

Other uses of kratom:

Apart from using kratom for opiate withdrawals to reduce symptoms, it is also used for pain relief, insomnia, depression, for lowering blood and mitigating the risk of diabetes.

Kratom strengthens immune system thanks to the presence of immunostimulant alkaloids (mitraphylline and Isopteropodine).

It is also important to take note the negative effects of kratom especially when the dose more than required.

It may lead to nausea, constipation, itching and sweating

A lot of discussions has happened on the most appropriate dose, yet it has not yet been determined. This is important and it can be used curb he desire to go back to opiates especially prescription medications. Therefore, exercise extreme caution while consuming kratom.